Early career meeting support awards are available to help with costs associated with participating in the meetings. Early career meeting attendees are eligible to apply if they are members of the Acoustical Society of America, are within 10 years of receiving their last degree, and are not currently students.  Priority is given to applicants who will be presenting a paper at the meeting, will be chairing a session at the meeting, and/or hold a leadership position in the ASA. Each award is typically on the order of USD $300 – $500.

Pronoun stickers

As part of ASA’s ongoing efforts to improve inclusiveness at ASA Meetings, stickers with pronouns that can be attached to name badges are being provided with the aim to:

  • Make it easy for you to know which pronouns to use for someone you just met, especially if you’re unsure about their pronouns.
  • Make it easy for people to communicate their pronoun sets to others, especially for people who use uncommon pronouns or who have recently changed which pronouns they use.
  • Prompt conversations among ASA members about gender, and raise awareness that gender is complicated.
  • Create a welcoming environment for people of all genders.

In addition to she/her and he/him, pronoun sets include they/them, xe/xem, ze/zir, and Ask Me. Each of these pronoun sets includes the subjective and objective case.  Gender can be fluid, and many of the people you will encounter at ASA will fall at various places across the spectrum. To reduce instances of misgendering at the ASA, please use the pronouns indicated on attendees’ name badges.