ASA Member Engagement Committee

Message from the chair:

Tessa C. Bent

Welcome to the ASA Member Engagement Committee website! I am happy to serve as the chair of this committee, and I look forward to working with everyone to make our Society a welcoming, equitable, inclusive, and supportive place for all of our members. Many of our activities are geared towards fostering the professional development of early career members. We also strive to recruit and retain diverse members as well as facilitate DEI-related learning opportunities for all Society members.


At the semi-annual ASA meetings, please feel free to join us at our open Member Engagement Committee meetings. If you are unable to attend these meetings but would like to share your ideas, feel free to contact me directly.


The Member Engagement Committee sponsors a range of workshops, panels, events, and funding opportunities to support our member’s professional development and career growth. More detailed information about how to participate in these activities can be found on this website.

– Tessa Bent


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Committee Members

Tessa Bent, Chair to 2022

Term to 2023
Shima Abadi
Ana Jaramillo
Meaghan A. O’Reilly
Kimberly Riegel

Term to 2022
Dominique A. Bouavichith
E. Carr Everbach
Evelyn M. Hoglund
Martin Lawless

Term to 2021
Sandra Guzman
Amanda D. Hanford
Derrick P. Knight
Derek R. Olson

Ex officio:
Josh R. Gladden, Vice President-Elect
Susan E. Fox, Executive Director

About the Member Engagement Committee

Charged with developing programs and initiatives to attract new members and retain current members with a focus on diversity in the Society in all of its aspects; and with conducting studies about membership and membership trends, such as the evaluation of member demographics and exit surveys.

Composed of a Chair and other members; and ex-officio, the Vice President-Elect and Executive Director. ASA Headquarters will be a resource for the committee.The Committee may establish subcommittees as appropriate to implement specific initiatives. The Chairs of the subcommittees are appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Council upon recommendation by the Chair of the Committee. Responsibility for final decisions rests with the Committee, that then makes recommendations to the Executive Council.